What is Sentiment Analysis in AI?


These days, consumers, investors and traders constantly express their experiences, feelings, and opinions with brands and digital assets via different channels such as:

  • Social media
  • Customer support interactions
  • Online reviews

The sheer amount of such unstructured data can be overpowering and almost impossible to process manually. This is where tools like StockGeist.ai come in. StockGeist’s interactive dashboard uses the latest advances in natural language processing to provide traders, marketers, and investors with a high-end stock sentiment analysis tool.

This tool processes data from the latest news updates and social media posts of more than 2200 selected companies. You can check a crypto sentiment example here to understand how it works and what it can do for you as an investor and trader.

What Can a Sentiment Analysis Tool Do?

Sentiment analysis tools like StockGeist.ai can solve a number of problems that traders, marketers, and investors face. StockGeist can do a number of things right now, including:


Each minute, hundreds, and even thousands of individuals share their opinions online on different platforms concerning companies and digital assets. A sentiment analysis tool collects all that data, counts the messages, and creates a rank for every stock, company, or digital asset.

Additionally, users of this tool can view the dynamics of ranks, for example, how they change over time. Users can then explore the data across varying timeframes.


A watchlist is the same as a ranking. The user is provided with an extra opportunity to follow the digital asset, provider or company of choice. A large selection or digital assets, providers and companies is available to pick from.

AI tools are used to compute financial sentiment from a massive amount of social media messages that relate to certain companies and digital assets.

And what’s more? Companies and digital assets on the watchlist can be analysed using graphs to offer in-depth stock and crypto sentiment analysis.

Stock Overview

A sentiment analysis tool takes a combination of market capitalization, stock price and the latest news and supercharges its advanced sentiment analysis tools and key topics.


It’s challenging to browse through countless sites that offer articles. A sentiment tool does this job by locating relevant news articles and stories from across the internet and uploading them with clear sentiment analysis labels that users can view.

The influence of sentiment analysis, driven by advanced artificial intelligence techniques, is exerting a transformative effect on worldwide consumer, investor, and trader interactions. Visit StockGeist to discover what sentiment analysis in AI can provide you with as a trader or investor in the crypto world.

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