The Reasons Why Dancing Is Incredibly Good For Your Physical & Mental Health.


Try to think back to when was the last time that you got out there and you shook your booty or did your thing. It’s probably been some time since you’ve got out there on the dance floor in the many clubs around your local area and so you haven’t been burning off those calories that you have been putting on during office hours. Many people all across America don’t take the time to enjoy lunch outside the office and so they immediately head towards the vending machine to pick something to eat. This is their first big mistake because most of the food in these machines is highly processed and heavy in sugar and salt. As a result, many Americans are putting on more weight and doing nothing to get it off again.

Maybe it’s time to start investing in some club dresses so that you can’t keep making the excuse that you have nothing to wear when your friends ask you to go out for the evening on the weekends. Pick out some nice dresses in many different colours and lengths so that you look fantastic every single time. The better you look, the more confident that you will be and so hopefully, this will encourage you to get out there on the dance floor and to strut your stuff. Dancing is incredibly good for your physical and mental health and the following are just some of the reasons why.

  • It’s great for your heart – Our medical practitioners are always telling us to get more aerobic exercise and many of us don’t take part because we can’t find an activity that we really do like. The good news is that you should know that dancing is indeed an aerobic exercise and it is perfect for getting your heart pumping and helping to lower your blood pressure as well. There have been studies that tell us that dancing more can reduce your chances of dying from heart disease by a significant amount.
  • It’s perfect for your cognition – Dancing is really good for your memory and it makes you a more contented person who is more open to learning new things. It is especially important as we move into our later years and not only is it good for the health and brain but it also makes us happier and makes us feel better about ourselves. It helps to reduce your stress and anxiety levels and gives you increased self-esteem.
  • You enjoy better social skills – While out there on the dance floor, you’re going to bump into a few new friends and this will allow you to strike up new conversations and to communicate better. It will also help to improve your social standing that has taken a hit as of late and that’s good news indeed.

Get yourself out there and onto the dance floor once again and remind yourself of what it is that you have been missing over the years.

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